Test like your users

Let actual usage of your APIs guide your testing strategy. Thinking of all the ways to test your app is slow, difficult, and error-prone.

Run API-level Functional, Performance, and Chaos tests as part of your CI pipeline — no scripting requred.

Speedscale listeners let you observe API traffic.

How do people interact with your app? What part of your API is used the most? Let traffic tell you what you need to test.

PII and sensitive data redaction is built-in.

Inspect traffic, filter down to the desired transactions and timespan.

Highlight the desired traffic, and let Speedscale generate the tests and necessary mocks for you.

Speedscale can automatically detect and mock your dependencies.

Mocks are built from traffic to replicate state and data needed to run your tests.

Improve your code. Test the changes. Repeat.

					"chaos": {
     "badStatusCodes": true,
     "intermittentResponses": true,
     "randomLatency": true,
     "randomHighLatencyMs": 5000

Integration? Performance? Chaos tests? Use config files to dictate the tests.

Multiply traffic. Speed it up. Introduce latency. Simulate 404’s. Compare expected responses vs your updates. All from a single config file.


Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.  Collect and replay traffic without scripting.

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