How Speedscale Works

  • Tell Speedscale what timespan of traffic you’d like to replay.
  • Click “Generate the Scenario.”
  • Connect Scenarios to your favorite CI tool for automated execution, teardown and report. 
  • Enjoy regression and performance reports every build.

Prevent production incidents.  Say goodbye to manual test creation!

“The types of incidents that bring down production systems are often caused by interactions between components...”

-2019 State of DevOps: Accelerate

Speedscale Dashboard

Black Friday Outage?

Save the traffic as a Scenario so it never happens again. Scale up the traffic to see how much your service can take. Regression and Performance with a couple clicks.

Parallel Development

UI developers need their API’s? 3rd parties being stingy with their sandbox? Tired of resetting test data? Use our dynamic mocked dependency containers to stand in.

Cloud as needed.

Scenarios are deployed upon code commit and torn down afterward.
44% of cloud environments are stagnant lower environments. Waste not!

What's Stopping You?

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Successful cloud-native application delivery can only happen in predictable software-defined environments.

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