API Testing

Don't let testing slow you down.

Still scripting tests by hand? Use traffic to build your QA automation, no scripting required. Run Traffic-based API tests for Integration, Performance, and Chaos testing. Integrate with your CI pipeline.

Automatically generate API tests based on observed traffic.

Speedscale agents listen and analyze to do the heavy lifting for you.

Connect Speedscale tests to CI for fast Integration, Performance, and Chaos testing.

					  "asserters": [
           {"type": "http_statuscode"
         },{"type": "http_headers"
         },{"type": "http_response_cookies"
         },{"type": "http_response_body"

API testing should be automated.

We intelligently identify values such as authorization tokens, timestamps, and unique ID’s and replace them with correctly persisting, sanitized values before replay.

Load testing designed for cloud

Scripting is slow with K6, Locust, JMeter, or Gatling. Preview how your app will behave under production load quickly using Speedscale. Spin up necessary backends with our autogenerated mocks in seconds. Run isolated performance tests and tune rapidly.

Performance Test

Turn-key Chaos testing

Do you know how you’ll respond to unstable 3rd parties? Speedscale can simulate errors, random latencies, and non-responsiveness coming from your 3rd parties. Simply change a config file. Replay traffic.

Kubernetes API Contract Testing Diff

Contract testing too

Did you break contracts? Will you miss your SLAs? Does this update hurt customer experience? 

Gain confidence in your changes.


Stress test your APIs with real world scenarios.  Collect and replay traffic without scripting.

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