This is a follow-on from a September 2020 post about the Developer-Led Landscape. Nowadays developers are in the driver’s seat regarding a lot of decisions for the tools they use. In this update from Tyler Jewell, he covers what he sees are the Top 5 trends that will take place this year.

  1. Emergence of the Service Catalog? Potential $500M Market That Redefines the Foundational Nature of Development Infrastructure.
  2. Convergence of Continuous Delivery, GitOps, and Experimentation Vendors Are Creating the Potential for a $500M ARR Progressive Delivery Mega-Market.
  3. Observability of the Development Lifecycle is Necessary to Improving Cycle Times Spawning Creation of New Markets: Engineering Efficiency and Secure Software Supply Chain.
  4. Products That Dramatically Improve Developer Experience Are Growing Dramatically Faster.
  5. From New Code to Glue Code: The Industry’s Shift From Code Writing to Composition Drives Re-Imagination of DevOps and Underpins New Platforms.

While it’s a bit of a crowded chart, he plots the companies that he sees driving these trends.

If you drill into the Service Catalog trend, Jewell sees a couple of different groups working on ways to help developers deal with the deluge of Services (aka APIs):

  • SRE – help developers understand how apps run in production environments
  • Automation – help developers automate basic tasks (like testing) through novel approaches
  • Dependencies – help developers understand challenges with service dependencies

We are excited to see that this new category is being tracked as an emerging concept. Read the rest here in the full article: Developer-Led Landscape: 2021 Trends Foretell New Approaches to DevOps


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