In a recent article by Tyler Jewell (Dell Technologies Capital), he covers the way that developers are now influencing technology decisions. This trend is changing how a $40 billion market segment is shifting from top-down to bottoms-up decision making. Incredibly he categorizes over 1000 technology vendors in his GitHub repository and breaks the landscape down into the following key sections:

  • Software Delivery Lifecycle – Process solutions that coordinate how teams design, develop and test software
  • Dev Tools – Individual (used by a single engineer) instruments used to facilitate software construction
  • Dev Infrastructure – Hardware and software that support the distributed, repeatable construction of software
  • Dev Platforms – Developer-interfacing, code-first, and API-only runtimes

One of the other trends he follows across the study is how in the future there could be 1 trillion programmable endpoints which necessitate a change in how developer tools integrate.

Programmable Endpoints

Working with APIs is moving from an integration afterthought to a core capability for everything in the Developer ecosystem. And given the rise of the API, that means that capabilities linked to APIs are more important than ever. Speedscale in particular is called out as part of the growing Dev Infrastructure space.

Please read more on his blog: The Developer-Led Landscape



Successful cloud-native application delivery can only happen in predictable software-defined environments.

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